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In the weeks since the two broke up at the beginning of June, she’s been linked to three different guys. (No shame, just pointing that out.) First, there was 23-year-old Giants player Odell Beckham Jr., then 30-year-old MMA fighter Guilherme “Bomba” Vasconcelos, now, it’s, apparently, 31-year-old UFC superstar Luke Rockhold. The 24-year-old “Body Say” singer’s been quoted in the past as saying that she prefers “older” men, preferably of the Latino variety, as opposed to white guys, because when she “dated white guys, it wasn’t as passionate” as her relationship with Wilmer, who’s 12 years her senior. Today, she seems to be setting her sights on jacked, athletic types.So, to sum up, before WV, Demi’s type was clearly skinny, white musicians (i.e. An NFL star, a fighter, a former Middleweight Champion — dayum, girl.The 24-year-old was spotted getting cozy with her rumored new beau on Sunday (Jan. Lovato was first linked to Vasconcelos, 30, last July after she had broken up with her boyfriend of six years, Wilmer Valderrama.Demi Lovato‘s wasted no time moving on from Wilmer Valderrama.He worked so hard for so long in preparation for this role… taken-by=ddlovato When her boyfriend saw the post, the former he was “embarrassed” but “flattered” about the whole thing.“That was one of the first exclusive shots of the show, and I was a little embarrassed about her comments, but I was really flattered.” The 35-year-old actor then went on to note that she’s been very supportive of his projects and was overall “really honored.” However, before her relationship with Valderrama, there were a few other boys that captured Lovato’s heart.Though not much is known about the Demster’s relationship with Luke, " class="ngg-fancybox" rel="27ddb8cbf16190a5593c19592f50e811" data-image-id="22262" data-src=" data-thumbnail=" data-title="Jonathan Fryar" data-description="Apparently Demi and Jonathan dated briefly in 2007, before she became famous.Alexander Michael De Leon (born April 8, 1989) is an American songwriter and lead singer for the American rock band The Cab.

at the Disco and Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy.Trace Cyrus, Alex De Leon, Joe Jonas…you see the pattern.In more recent years, however, the “Confident” crooner describes her ideal man as older and Latino, as they’re “more passionate with their emotions,” so people were pretty shocked when she and Wilmer Valderrama decided to split last month.Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, & Lorde have some huge things in store for the New Year,' hinting the starlet may soon be hitting the road.As you may have notice, Demi Lovato is so in love right now with boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama.

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