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The symptoms included feeling faint, breathlessness and odd eating habits. And in some parts of the world, virginity testing - physically checking to see if a woman’s hymen is in tact to prove that she’s a virgin before she’s married - is still common practice.

But how - any why - are people still trying to measure virginity this way when we know that plenty of women's hymens will break long before they have sex?

In extreme cases, virginity tests can also lead to violence, even murder.

The idea is that all sorts of social disorder will be created from women having sex outside of marriage.

There’s also concern about pregnancy, and making sure that children are legitimate.

It’s been recorded in countries from Egypt to Tanzania, Malawi to India, South Africa to Indonesia, and was even reported recently in Sweden.

What’s common amongst all these countries is that the tests are almost always conducted on women (unsurprisingly, there’s no male equivalent for a virginity test), sometimes against their wishes, and often by men. Carpenter is a sociology professor whose research explores issues to do with virginity, gender and sexuality.

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It was a way to punish them for their political activism, a way of putting them in their place.

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